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Authorized installer of The StablWall Carbon Fiber Wall Bracing System - permanent, one-time, non-invasive solution for cracked, bowing, and shifting foundations and walls.


For concrete repairs we use a proprietary, revolutionary technology developed by StablWall. The StablWall system consists of carbon fiber sheets that are installed with specially engineered bonding adhesives. The StablWall carbon fiber is unique as it is unidirectional, it is made from thousands of strands of fiber, all running in the same direction. Once adhered with the wall or structure, it becomes one through an intense chemical reaction that makes the finished product 10x stronger than steel, and 5x stronger than other carbon fiber products on the market. More fiber and more bonding only mean more strength!

StablWall is ICC approved, manufactured in the USA, and provides military-grade strength on residential, commercial and civil repairs. It’s been used by the military and by civil engineers in road and bridge repairs.

The Concrete Doctor is an authorized installer of StablWall system which offers:

Up to 225% more strength to unreinforced masonry walls

Unidirectional fiber – meaning the strength isn’t split 2 ways

10x stronger than steel & 5x stronger than other carbon fiber products

3-to-1 ratio of epoxies gives more strength than the diluted 2-to-1 ratio premixture

ICC approved ESR -4424

Over 20 years in the industry!

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The Concrete Doctor is a branch of AVD Contractors B.V.

We have done multiple projects involving concrete repair.

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