The Concrete Doctor
Basket And High Work
Another common problem silos face is cracks and stress fractures.  Due to the forces involved, these cracks are unavoidable.  These cracks commonly occur above or next to rebar.  This allows water to get intrude and results in damage from freeze-thaw cycling and pressures from the corrosion of the metal rebar.  This only gets worse over time and can quickly become a serious structural problem and safety liability.  Most people are surprised to know that the destructive pressures involved in rebar corrosion are stronger than that of freeze-thaw cycling.  We have a high climber basket, similar to those used to clean windows on skyscrapers, that we use to inspect and repair silo cracks and other surface damage.  We also are able to repaint lettering and graphics, powerwash, sandblast, as well as seal the entire surface to aid in preservation.  Our system of silo crack repair and sealing is unique to the industry in that we clean and prepare the area to be repaired, inject it with a flexible material at high pressure, then coat it with an additional sealer and UV protectant for maximum lifespan. 
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