The Concrete Doctor
Grain Bin Problems
Waterproofing metal grain bins has always been a struggle.  Finding a product that will work for more than one season is even harder.  Many products have been put on the market, but almost nothing seems to last or truly waterproof the bin.  Failure of these sealants not only causes crop spoilage and easy entry for pests, but also causes the galvanizing to fail and rust problems to set in soon afterward.  A large part of our business deals with waterproofing grain bins for home storage and variouse grain companies.  We are able to replace all the main sealants that fail such as foam, tar, polyurea, caulk, and paint.  We guarantee our sealing job and have bins that were sealed around 15 years ago in the beginning that are still doing great.  Below are some examples of the failed sealants polyurea and spray foam. 
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