The Concrete Doctor
Silo Repairs and Roofs
Another sector of our business is replacing roofs and repairing structual damage with grain silos.  Silos endure a great deal of stress and pressure through years of cycles of filling and emptying.  Eventually the weak points will show signs of their vulnerability.  Repairing these issues always results in a case-by-case solution due to the forces and variables involved. 

Silo roofs face treatment similar to bin sealing.  Many of the same products that are used to seal bins, such as tar, polyurea, and foam, are used to seal concrete roofs with the same dismal results.  We use a system similar to our bin sealing process, but use a product that has greater resistance to the constant water ponding in the inherent low spots.  This system has an impressive life span due to the reflectivity of UV rays and sustainability.  When a tar or polyurea roof is damaged or gets a hole, entire sections of the roof become delaminated, harbor water, promote concrete deterioration, and allow water intrusion into the silo.  Our system is unique in that if damage were to occur, such as a cut or hole from a dropped downspout, only the small damaged location would be compromised.  It will not delaminate or sacrifice the overall integrity of the roof and is easily repaired locally without any harsh chemicals or downtime.  Another benefit to our roofing system is that it has an integrated membrane that is hand laid to make sure every angle is covered and adhered to correctly.  Also, this roofing product is EPA certified as being "Green" and is eligible for the LEEDS program.   
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